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24x7 Magazine

     Ismael Cordero: 2014 Robert L. Morris Humanitarian- IC_Humanitarian

     • Joining hands to advance clinical engineering in Bangladesh-  24x7_Bangladesh ACEW

     • Ophthalmic Equipment- Part 1-  24x7_Oph equip part 1

     • Ophthalmic Equipment- Part 2-  24x7_Oph equip opth 2

     • A day in the life- Not your ordinary biomed job- 24x7_ORBIS biomed

     • Soapbox- You don’t have it so bad-  24x7_Soapbox_not so bad

     • Soapbox- Transparency in medical equipment pricing-  24x7_Soapbox_Transparency in pricing

     • Soapbox- Eliminating the equipment pricing mystery- 24x7_Soapbox- equip pricing mystery

Biomedical Instrumentation and Technology /AAMI News

     • Clinical Engineer Shares Challenges to Rebuilding Medical Technology-  AAMINews_July_2010_Haiti

     • Jump on board the world’s only flying eye hospital-  BI&T_July_2006_jump onboard the FEH

     • Report from Bangladesh- Seeing the Profession’s Roots in a Developing Country- BI&T_July_2007_Bangladesh

     • Volunteering: a unique way to enhance your skills- BI&T_July_2008_volunteering

Community Eye Health Journal- English

      • How to care for and clean optical surfaces-  CEHJ_Dec_2010_cleaning optics

      • Donations of consumables and surgical instruments: how to ensure you really benefit-  CEHJ_Dec_2011_donations of consumables

      • Sharpening and tightening surgical scissors-  CEHJ_Dec2011_Scissors

      •. Equipment maintenance and repair-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_maintenance

      • How to look after and care for a slit lamp-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_slit-lamp

      • Training for equipment maintenance and repair-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_training

      • How to safely use a portable electric generator-  CEHJ_Sept_2011_portable generators

      • Donations: how to ensure you really benefit-  CEHJ_Sept_2010_donations

      • Checking and replacing fuses- CEHJ_Oct_2012_Checking and replacing fuses

      • How to verify the calibration of Goldmann tonometers- CEHJ_Jan_2013_goldmann_tonometers

      • Inspecting and unbending surgical needle holders- CEHJ_inspecting-and-unbending-surgical-needle-holders

      • How to handle and care for bulbs in opthalmic equipment- CEHJ_how-to-handle-and-care-for-bulbs-in-ophthalmic-equipment

      •. Fungus: how to prevent growth and remove it from optical components- CEHJ_Nov_2013_fungus-how-to-prevent-growth-and-remove-it-from-optical-instruments

      • Verifying the calibration of a manual one-position keratometer- CEHJ_Dec_2013_verifying-the-calibration-of-a-manual-one-position-keratometer

      • Understanding and caring for an operating microscope- CEHJ_Apr_2014_understanding-and-caring-for-an-operating-microscope

      • Understanding your operating microscope’s assistant scope and beamsplitter- CEH_understanding-your-operating-microscopes-assistant-scope-and-beamsplitter

      • Understanding and caring for a Schiotz tonometer- Understanding-and-caring-for-a-schiotz-tonometer

      • Ensuring proper and safe use of the cryotherapy machine- CEHJ_Apr_2015_Ensuring-proper-and-safe-use-of-the-cryotherapy-machine

      • Electrosurgical units – how they work and how to use them safely- CEHJ_June_2015_electrosurgical-units-how-they-work-and-how-to-use-them-safely

     • Electrical safety in the clinical environment – good habits to maintain- CEHJ_September_2015_electrical-safety-in-the-clinical-environment-good-habits-to-maintain

     • Caring for A- and B-scans- CEHJ_Jan_2016_caring-for-a-and-b-scans

    • Understanding and safely using ophthalmic lasers- CEHJ_April_2016_understanding-and-safely-using-ophthalmic-lasers

    • Understanding and caring for the direct ophthalmoscope- CEHJ_July_2016_Understanding-and-caring-for-the-direct-ophthalmoscope

   • Understanding and caring for a lensmeter- CEHJ_October_2016_Understanding-and-caring-for-a-lensmeter

   • Understanding and caring for an indirect ophthalmoscope- CEHJ_Feb_2017_indirect ophtalmoscope

   • Understanding and looking after a retinoscope and trial lens set- CEHJ_Aug_2017_Understanding and looking after a retinoscope and trial lens set

   • Caring for a retinal camera- CEHJ July 2023 Caring for a retinal camera

   • Caring for refractive error equipment- CEHJ May 2024 Caring for refractive error equipment

Community Eye Health Journal- Spanish

    • Donaciones: cómo asegurarse un verdadero beneficio-  CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_donaciones

     • Editorial: Brindándole atención a la tecnología de salud ocular- CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_Editorial

     • Entrenamiento para mantener y arreglar el equipo- CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_entrenam

     • ¿Cómo cuidar de una lámpara de hendedura?-  CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_lamp de hendidura

     • Mantenimiento y reparación de Equipos-  CEHJ_Span_Dec_2010_manten

     • Donaciones de insumos e instrumentos quirúrgicos: cómo asegurar un beneficio real- CEHJ_Span_Dec2012_Donaciones_insumos

      • Afilado y ajuste de tijeras quirurgicas- CEHJ_Span_Dec_2012_Afilado de tijeras

      • Cómo verificar la calibración de los tonómetros de Goldmann- CEHJ_Span_Aug_2013_tonometros

     • Explicación del funcionamiento y cuidado de un microscopio quirúrgico- CEHJ_Span_Oct_2014_microscopio

Journal of Clinical Engineering

     • Focus on: ORBIS International Flying Eye Hospital, Department of Technical Services-  JCE_orbis article

Arab Medico

     • Tips for Negotiating Service Contracts for Your Medical Equipment-  ARAB_MEDICO_service _contracts

     • The Mystery of Medical Device Pricing-  ARAB_ MEDICO_Jan_2013_Medical Equipment Prices

Unpublished Articles

     • Technology Management in Less-Developed Countries: An Untold Success Story-  Health Technology Management in Less-Developed Countries

Manuals & Guides

     • Opthalmic Nursing- Getting Started Volume 1

         English- Vol_1_Ophthalmic_Nursing_-_Getting_Started

         Spanish- Vol_1_Ophthalmic_Nursing_-_Getting_Started-spanish

     • Guide to Ophthalmic Equipment For non-ophthalmic people-  ORBIS_2004_guide to ophthalmic equip

     • The Vision 2020 Handbook on equipping a secondary hospital- Chapter – XII Procurement Management- V2020_India_Equiping a secondary eye unit

     • Medical device donations: considerations for solicitation and provision- WHO_medical device donations (English)            

WHO_donaciones_dispositivos_medicos.pdf (Spanish)WHO_Dons_dispositifs_medicaux (French)

      • Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Practice: A manual for lower-resource settings- Ophthalmic Operating Theatre Practice Final


     • Managing Medical Technology to Eliminate Avoidable Blindness- WCO_2006 poster

     • New Technologies for Surgery- ACCE 2008 Teleconference Series, December 18, 2008- New Technologies for Surgery

     • Ophthalmologist’s Response to natural Disasters- PAAO Poster Chicago 2010-Haiti

     • Medical Devices Management Workshop during First Global Forum on Medical Devices- Medical Devices Management workshop

     • Challenges and Rewards of Building Capacity to Support Healthcare Technologies around the Globe- weServe Seminar at Drexel University

     • Interview- Catholic Health Association Medical Surplus Donations: FIrst Do No Harm- http://youtu.be/Pvok_GMWn0Y

     • Interview- Catholic Health Association- The Case for International Outreach- http://youtu.be/n3dmkfNDB7k

      • AHT 2014- Innovation for Medical Devices for Low Resource Settings - How Limiting the Scope of Work to creating Attention Grabbing Designs is not Effective- http://scpro.streamuk.com/uk/player/Default.aspx?wid=20375&ptid=1066&t=0

     • AHT 2016- Innovating beyond technology: building a technical support model to sustain the Universal Anaesthesia Machine- AHT2016 POSTER


     • Instrumentos y Equipos Oftalmologicos- Manual de cuidado y mantenimiento- Instrument_maintenance_spanish

Selected ECRI Publications


     Evaluation: venous needle dislodgement monitors for hemodialysis. Device Evaluation. November 16, 2023.

     Evaluation: subglottic aspiration devices. Device Evaluation 2023 Feb 8.

     Evaluation: intensive care ventilators. Device Evaluation. 2023 Jul 14.

     Evaluation: high-flow oxygen therapy units. Device Evaluation. 2021 Dec 8.

     Evaluation: respiratory assistance helmets. Device Evaluation 2021 May 12.

     Evaluation: transport ventilators, evaluated for intrahospital use. Device Evaluation. 2019 Oct 17.

     Evaluation: electric beds for critical care units. Health Devices 2019 Jan 30.

     Evaluation background: electric beds for medical/surgical units. Health Devices 2019 Jan 30.


     Undetected venous needle dislodgement or access-bloodline separation during hemodialysis can lead to death. Hazard #4—2023 top 10 health technology hazards. Device Evaluation 2023 Jan 11.

     Make your device donations count—use a medical surplus recovery organization. Device Evaluation 2022 Mar 9.

     Inadequate emergency stockpiles could disrupt patient care during a public health emergency. Hazard #4—2022 top 10 health technology hazards. Device Evaluation 2022 Jan 12.

     Between-use electrical leakage testing of transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) probes. Device Evaluation 2021 Nov 3.

     Effective use of ultrasonic cleaners for surgical instruments. Health Devices 2020 Apr 6.

     Medical suction devices: using them safely and effectively. Device Evaluation 2020 Jan 8.

     Medical gases and their uses. Health Devices 2019 Apr 3.

     Flawed battery charging systems and practices can affect device operation. Hazard #10—2019 top 10 health technology hazards. Health Devices 2018 Sep 26.


     Webinar panelist: Venous Needle Dislodgement: Technological Solution to Fatal Hazard? 2023 Sept 21.

     Webinar panelist: Home-Use Device Recalls: What You Need to Know to Mitigate Risk and Protect Patients 2023 Feb 2.

     Webinar panelist: Exploring the Evidence and Devices Designed to Prevent Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia 2022 Oct 27.

     Webinar Panelist: Helping Patients with Recalled Philips CPAP Devices Used in Home 2022 Jun 24.

     Webinar panelist: Respiratory Assist Helmets—An Alternative Treatment Option? From ECRI's "COVID-19 and Medical Devices" Lab Webcast Series 2021 Jan 15.

     Webinar panelist: Addressing Ventilator Shortages during the COVID-19 Pandemic From ECRI's "COVID-19 and Medical Devices" Lab Webcast Series 2020 Apr 30.